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One of the most sought-after bucket list items for many individuals is a hot air balloon ride above Cappadocia, Turkey. As the sun rises over Goreme, hundreds of colorful hot air balloons fill the sky. Their journey is a quick one, but it’s magical. Whether you decide to fly a balloon while in Cappadocia, or partake in the experience from the ground, you will not regret this sunrise. A large part of Cappadocia's popularity for hot air ballooning is due to the lack of wildlife, which allows balloons to fly at extremely low altitudes. A tour of this location includes both close-up and long-distance views of the strange and wonderful scenery that surrounds it. To get a bird's-eye view of the valley networks, you'll ascend to roughly 900 metres (3,000 feet) during the flight.

The garden plateaus and valleys themselves are sometimes reached via flying over them on the way down, as well. If the wind cooperates, hot air balloons can hover near the peaks of Cappadocia's "fairy chimney" rock formations, giving visitors a bird's-eye view of these bizarre geological phenomena sculpted over millennia by wind and water.Safe and pleasurable hot air balloon rides are possible when you're in the company of an experienced pilot. After the event, you'll receive a certificate of flight attendance and a small brunch and champagne to celebrate your accomplishment.

Select Best Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Rides

Cappadocia Sunrise Balloon Tour

- Take a Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon to see the surreal valleys of this central Turkish district from a new perspective. 

- Prepare for the exhilarating experience of flying over the Red Valley with a hearty breakfast. 

- Your flight certificate will serve as a reminder of your time spent above ground. 

- As the final preparations are made for your flight, enjoy a free breakfast at the launch site before heading out for the day's adventure. 

- Your pilot will then take you on a tour of Cappadocia's stunning rock formations, flying you over Red Valley, Göreme, and the Valley of the Winds. 

- Sunrise views of Ortahisar, Göreme, Avano, Uchisar, and Nevsehir can be seen from a new perspective. 

- Celebrate your journey with fruit juice and cake at a location determined by the weather. 

- After your flight, you'll be dropped off at your hotel with a personalized flight certificate.


- Transportation to and from the hotel

- Breakfast for free

- Travel by hot-air balloon

- Qualified pilot with knowledge of Cappadocia

- Localization-specific commentary

- Certificate of completion of a flight

- Cake and juice

- Health care coverage

Cost: 4160 ₺ (INR 18710)

Balloon Flight Over Cappadocia Cat Valley

- Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon rides are a great way to see Cappadocia from a new perspective and avoid the crowds. 

- You'll be able to see the valley's rock formations and the rising sun from a hot air balloon ride that takes place near Cat, a beautiful village in the Cat Mountains. 

- The flight departs in the early morning hours, and it is available every day. For your convenience, hotel transfers are included in the price. 

- You will be picked up by a professional driver and taken to the Cat Valley, which is about 20 kilometres outside of Goreme and close to the village of the same name. 

- Prepare yourself for an extraordinary experience as the hot air balloon ascends into the sky. 

- The scenery in the Cat Valley is reminiscent of the infamous Goreme landscapes. 

- While in the air, you'll be able to take in the unusual rock formations and lunar-like scenery below you. 

- At the flight's apex, you'll see a stunning view of the sun rising over the ocean. 

- A dreamy setting will be created by a warm light reflecting off the valley's rocks as it begins to rise in front of you. 


- Insurance in compliance with ICAO standards (International Civil Aviation Organization)

- Flight certificate with your name on it as a keepsake

- Pick-up and drop-off services for hotels in a luxurious vehicle

- Including all applicable taxes and handling fees

- Champagne toast upon touchdown

- In the air for a minimum of one hour

Cost: 1430 ₺ (INR 6439)

Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Tour Over Fairy Chimneys

- Indulge in an early morning Hot Air Ballooning in Cappadocia that includes a light breakfast and an after-flight party to see Cappadocia from above. 

- There is no better way to capture the stunning landscape than from the hot air balloon, which provides a unique perspective and allows you to sleep in a little longer. Viewing is enhanced by leaving early in the morning. 

- Stay warm and energised with the complimentary beverages and treats included with your stay! 

- Keep a copy of your boarding pass as a souvenir. Make a non-alcoholic toast after the flight to mark the occasion.


- Pick-up and Drop-off at the hotel

- Affable Morning Meal (Tea, Snacks, Coffee, Pastry)

- Balloon Flight Time: 50 to 75 Minutes Minimum and Maximum  

- Flight Certification post flight

- After-Departure Champagne Celebration (No Alcohol)

Cost: 3332.35 ₺ (INR 15003.83)

Cappadocia Balloon Ride and Champagne Breakfast

- A magical Hot Air Ballooning in Cappadocia will take you through the skies above Cappadocia. 

- To start the day off right, enjoy a complimentary breakfast buffet before taking off on your trip.

- Aerial views of the lunar terrain can be enjoyed by adjusting your flight time and then rising to new altitudes, if desired.

- Pre-flight refreshments include a hot or cold breakfast buffet. 

- Visiting Turkey wouldn't be complete without taking part in this unique and unforgettable activity. 

- Admire breathtaking aerial panoramas of the Cappadocia region, as you soar 1,000 feet in the air, you'll get a close-up view of the gorgeous volcanic rock formations (300 meters). 


- Pickup and drop-off at the hotel

- Air-conditioned minivan transportation

- On-board commentary in real time

- Breakfast with a snack

- A medal for a successful flight

- Celebration with champagne following the flight in the hot air balloon

Cost: 2692.09 ₺ (INR 13336.74)

One Hour Deluxe Hot Air Balloon Tour on Goreme Valley

- Enjoy a scenic hot air balloon ride over Cappadocia's Göreme Valley to take in the breathtaking views. 

- Set out early in the morning to fly over Cappadocia's famous "fairy chimney" rock formations and Bronze Age cave dwellings. 

- Let the wind guide your flight and toast your accomplishment with a glass of champagne as you come to a close. 

- Soak in the beautiful views of the Cappadocia's Göreme Valley on a hot air balloon ride by setting out early in the morning to take advantage of the best light conditions for photographing this iconic landscape.

- On a round-trip from your hotel to the departure spot indulge in a champagne reception post-flight.


- Transportation to and from your hotel

- Champagne Toast Following Flight 

- Professional Pilot

- Breakfast

- All Taxes and Fees

- Certificate of Flight

- Customer Service That's Available at All Hours

Cost: 1817 ₺ (INR 8175.25)

1-hour Hot Air Balloon Flight Over the Fairy Chimneys in Cappadocia

- Experience the sunrise over Cappadocia's fairy chimneys, volcanic valleys, and rock-cut churches from a unique vantage point in a hot air balloon during this one-hour excursion! 

- Celebrate your smooth landing with champagne and a personalised flight certificate after soaring up to 1,000 feet (300 metres) above the ground.

- Experience breathtaking vistas from the air, and for couples, it's going to be the perfect experience under pilots who are highly qualified and experienced .

- There will be no additional charge for hotel pickup or drop-off. Included in the package is a champagne breakfast.


- Hotel/port shuttle service

- Pre-flight meal (coffee/tea and snacks)

- - One-hour hot-air-balloon ride

- Certificate of Completion of the Flight

- On arrival, a toast with champagne

Cost: 4241 ₺ (INR 19088.21)

Cappadocia Red Tour + ATV Quad Bike Safari + Hot Air Balloon Tour

- Cappadocia has a wide variety of outdoor and adventure tours, as well as cultural and historical tours, for visitors. 

- The Red Tour, ATV Quad Bike Safari, and Hot Air Balloon Ride are all included in this package deal. 

- You'll save money on the most popular Cappadocia activities by booking this special package deal. 

- The guided tour includes stops at the Goreme Open-Air Museum, the Devrent Valley, and Avanos.

- Guests staying at a hotel in a Cappadocia town or city will receive complimentary hotel pick-up and drop-off services.


- Transportation to and from the hotel

- Licensed tour guide for a one-day excursion (s)

- Fees for museums, relics, and churches included in the schedule

- Transportation in a completely air-conditioned, smoke-free vehicle

- Lunch, ATV Quad Bike Safari, and a Hot Air Balloon Ride are all included in this full-day tour.

Cost: 4167 ₺ (INR 18754.79)

Hot Air Balloon Ride & Cappadocia Red Tour

- When you wake up in the morning, you will be picked up at your hotel (05:00-06:00 in the winter; 04:00-05:30 in the summer). 

- Depending on your hotel's location, you will be collected at a specific time and taken to the balloon site, where you will be able to witness the balloon getting prepped for flight while eating a light breakfast.  

- At sunrise, your pilot will take you to a height of 700 to 1000 metres above the earth, where you may relax and enjoy the breathtaking views of Cappadocia. 

- The pilots will fly you as low as 1 metre over the rock formations at some points in the flight, providing you with excellent photo possibilities. 

- At the end of the Sixty-five minutes flight, you'll be treated to champagne and given a Flight Certificate, signed by the pilot, as a memento of your once-in-a-lifetime adventure. 

- Your tour concludes with a return to your accommodation for a well-deserved rest and breakfast before you embark on the remainder of your full-day Cappadocia tour. 

- The next leg of the journey post breakfast will include a visit to Devrent valley, Pasabagi, and a drive to the red clay pottery site of Avanos. 

- You will round up the trip after having lunch, visiting the Goreme Air Museum, Uçhisar castle, and Çavuşin Village, and heading back to your hotel. 


- Full-day Cappadocia Red Tour 1 Lunch All local taxes and insurances

- Fees for the scheduled museums' admissions

- Non-smoking, air-conditioning deluxe vehicles are used for all transportation and transfers.

- Licensed English-speaking tour guide with years of experience.

- All of the scheduled transfers

- Tolls for on-street parking

- Take a ride in a hot air balloon! (Economy Class)

- Balloon Tour Hotel Pickup & Drop-off

- Open-Fronted Breakfast*

- Briefing by the pilot

- Champagne toasting after arrival

- Flight Attendant Certificate

- Complete coverage

- No additional fees or charges

Cost: 2986 ₺ (INR 13444.38)

Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Flight and Göreme Museum Tour

- In one day, see the highlights of Cappadocia, including a sunrise Cappadocia Hot air ballooning ride, without having to worry about transportation. 

- You'll fly high over the lunar-like landscapes in a hot air balloon at dawn before visiting the UNESCO-listed cathedrals of Goreme, an underground city, the Devrent and Pasabag valleys, and an Avanos pottery studio to see how the ceramics are manufactured.

- Breakfast, lunch, and pick-up and drop-off at selected Cappadocian hotels are all included in the tour price.


- Visitor access to the Goreme National Park

- Real-time commentary from a professional tour guide

- Transportation for the duration of the activity: Balloon, van.

- Lunch

Cost: 5518 ₺ (INR 24, 820)

Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Tour with Transfer

- Cappadocia's rocky valleys and legends can be seen in all their glory from a hot air balloon ride at sunrise. 

- Begin at the crack of dawn with a pick-up from your hotel and a minibus transfer to a secret location. 

- Meet the other members of your small group who will be riding in the hot air balloon with you. 

- Observe the balloon inflating and growing in size while dozens of other balloons begin to ascend into the sky nearby. 

- To get the best photos, don't forget to bring your camera with you, and to board the basket, follow the crew's instructions and get on with it. 

- This is when it will begin its ascent, rising 500-1000 metres into the sky. As the day begins to brighten, take in the stunning views that this region has to offer. 

- See the fairy chimneys, the volcanic spires, and the carved-out houses and churches that dot the landscape. 

- Upon landing, the crew will be waiting with a flight certificate to commemorate your achievement. 

- Get picked up and driven back to your hotel at the end of your incredible morning.


- Ticket to Nevsehir Province

- Entry tickets to Cappadocia and Central Anatolia

- Instructor

- Transportation for the duration of an activity: Balloon

Cost: 3522 ₺ (INR 15,840)

The early morning Cappadocia Hot air ballooning is the most popular activity in Cappadocia, and it is also the safest because it is conducted under the supervision of a professional pilot. You should book as early as possible and plan ahead because balloons keep filling months in advance. An advance booking promises an exhilarating ride in the air, and gorgeous views of the valleys below; together with a hearty and healthy breakfast of local food and beverages. Additionally, champagne is also served upon arrival. Your tickets include insurance and transports to and from the hotel as part of the package. Aside from that, you'll receive a participation certificate and a professional guide as part of the package, making it an all-inclusive experience you shouldn't miss.

Best Places to Watch Hot Air Balloon View in Cappadocia

The Hill Above Göreme

Sunrise and sunset are best seen from the hill overlooking Göreme, which is by far the most popular location. From nearly everywhere in town, you can make out the red Turkish flag perched atop this prominent hill. You must pay 3TL to see the balloons rise from this vantage point.

Love Valley

Due to Love Valley’s prime location for seeing both sunrise and sunset, this Goreme Town's panoramic viewpoint is sometimes extremely crowded in the mornings. Despite the crowds, this location offers the best opportunities for Cappadocia hot air balloon photographs. Many times, you will be able to get a clear shot at Uchisar Castle, Red Valley, or Goreme Town from above the balloons. There will be throngs, but the region's views will be magnificent.

Sunset Viewpoint in Rose Valley

You can also see the balloons from a point in Rose Valley. Numerous tourists on quads can be seen at this location during the sunset hours. In the early morning, when balloons are preparing to lift off, this spot is particularly busy. If you don't have a car, you can take a 30-minute walk from Göreme.

Pigeon Valley

An easy stroll through Pigeon Valley is well worth the effort! The Pigeon Valley is one of the most beautiful valleys, in everyone's opinion, as you gaze out over the valley's distinct shapes. The sun is rising to your right, the Uchisar castle is visible to your left, and balloons are in the air all around you. To see Cappadocia's hot air balloons from this vantage point is an experience I'll never forget. Keep in mind that if the wind isn't right, the balloons won't come close.

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Sultan Cave Suites – Goreme

If you're lucky, you'll see your first sunrise from a hot air balloon in the Love Valley, but we'll be going somewhere else, so you might get lost. Then you see this place, which appears to be deserted. As the sun begins to rise over the Love Valley, you'll be able to watch the balloons ascend into the sky. This vantage point provides the best light for photographing the hot air balloons as they soar above and sometimes even into the valley below. The official Love Valley viewpoint is directly across the street from this location.

Koza Cave Hotel

The rooftop terrace of the Koza Cave, a five-star super-luxury hotel, offers stunning views of the surrounding area. You can also smoke shisha at this location, which is an interesting tidbit!

Mithra Cave Hotel

Nearby Sultan Cave Suites, the Mithra Cave Hotel has several terraces of various heights, and it's good because the variety is greater!

Sword Valley

At first glance, Sword Valley from a hot air balloon trip may appear dusty, dry and barren, yet the most beautiful conical houses and largest rock-cut castles will astound you. A short drive or walk from Goreme Town, these valleys are frequently flown over by hot air balloons, and many of them land in the area nearby. This area's caves and rock formations are fantastic, and you can use them to your advantage to create some stunning photographs. You'll also be able to see the balloons from a cave, and believe it or not but it's quite spectacular. If you don't have a car, this is the greatest option after Lover's Hill.

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Red Valley

If you're looking for an incredible view of the sun setting over the mountains, look no further than the Red Valley Panoramic Viewpoint. Do ascend to this location at sunrise to observe the hot air balloons, as it offers a breathtaking view. Even though the balloons aren't as close as they are in Goreme, you'll still get a stunning view of Cappadocia from the sky above it.

Rose Valley and Akdag Summit

If you're planning on staying overnight at either of these two locations, however, you'll be further from Göreme than you would be if you arrived at the rose valley car park, where you can set up a wonderful base camp the night before! You'll pass the Rose Valley Viewpoint (which must be insane at sunset) and two tents at the summit of the Akdag while hiking this trail one morning (which is very flat at the top and therefore perfect for camping). If you can, spend the night at the summit, where you'll get the best views of the sunset and the sunrise, as well as the hot air balloons.

Know Before You Book Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon

How Does Hot Air Balloon Work?
Best Time to Go for a Hot Air Balloon
How to Get to Cappadocia?
Where to Stay in Cappadocia?

Propane or another gas can be used to hear air (and make it lighter) or lighter-than-air gases like Helium or Hydrogen can be used to rise into the sky. Typically, a balloon’s envelope is composed of nylon or polyester that is resistant to heat, and filling an air balloon to capacity can result in an envelope reaching heights of up to 24 metres. Pre-flight preparations begin with a flattened envelope that is partially filled with cold air. Once the burners are in place and generating heat, the temperature of the surrounding air will rise. When heated, air rises to the top of the envelope, causing it to float. This is due to the fact that hot air has a lower density than the colder air in the surrounding atmosphere. In the same way, free balloons, anchored balloons, and airships are all forms of lighter-than-air aircraft. The pilot can start lifting the balloon off the surface once the air temperature has reached a level where the parachute valve can be opened and closed to control ascent. The envelope needs to be large enough to allow for the upward thrust of sufficient air volumes. It takes 65,000 cubic feet of heated air to lift the weight of 455 kilogrammes.

The best times to go hot air ballooning are early in the morning or late at night. Although you may go hot air ballooning in Cappadocia at any time of the year however, bear in mind the sweltering summers and freezing winters. Thus it's best to go hot air ballooning in spring or fall as from April to June, the season of spring is in effect while autumn lasts from September until October.

  • The first passengers in hot-air balloons were animals! Isn't she adorable? France's King and Queen watched as Montgolfier's sent up two sheep, two ducks and one rooster in the sky. The historic flight over Versailles was witnessed by 130,000 other people, and the animals landed safely.
  • The larger the size, the higher the cost! Private or small balloons can cost up to $20,000 in total, not including fuel, pilot fees, or other upkeep.
  • The price of balloons that can hold more than one person doubles as the capacity increases.
  • As far as hot air balloons have flown, the record stands at 21,000 kilometres. That is nearly double the cruising altitude of a commercial aircraft therefore passengers in the basket must use oxygen masks when flying at such altitudes as these.
  • By Flight: Cappadocia can be found in Turkey's Cappadocia region. Flights to Turkey can be found from a wide range of countries. Kayseri and Nevşehir are the 2 major airports near Cappadocia. Central Anatolia is where you'll find Cappadocia. Numerous flights departing Istanbul are operated by Turkish Airlines.
  • By Train: High-speed train services are also available from Istanbul. Istanbul, Ankara, and Konya are all stops along the way to Cappadocia.
  • By Bus: There is a 10-hour bus ride from Istanbul to Athens. From Istanbul to Nevsehir Otogar, there are numerous bus operators to choose from. You can get to Cappadocia in less than an hour from there.
  • Charming Cave Hotel: The Charming Cave Hotel is a family-run establishment located in the heart of Göreme. For those who don't want to stay in a cave-style room, this hotel has a stunning rooftop terrace with 'picture-perfect' views. Breakfast is included in every booking, and booking a balloon flight is as simple as one, two, three.
  • Kelebek Special Cave Hotel: As one of Göreme's most luxurious hotels, Kelebek Special Cave Hotel features spacious cave-style suites as well as traditional Turkish bath and a large outdoor pool. This additional luxury is worth the money, especially to those who want to relax after a long day of adventure-seeking.
  • Artemis Cave Suites & Spa: The Artemis Cave Suites & Spa is located in the heart of Göreme Town and features traditional-style rooms, an intimate rooftop terrace, and first-rate spa services. Artemis in Göreme, Cappadocia, has rooms starting at just €47, a night.

Things to Know Before Going For Hot Air Ballooning

Hot air balloon rides in Cappadocia are among the world's most memorable travel experiences because Cappadocia's rock formations have made it one of the most popular hot air balloon destinations in the world. In addition, the picture-perfect panoramic views make it clear why this is one of the most popular things to do on a Turkish vacation itinerary. Most definitely a must-do on your list of life goals and experiences! To make the most of your hot air balloon adventure, remember to book ahead of time, dress appropriately for the weather, and strictly adhere to all safety instructions.

Use Your Camera Strap

Cappadocia's hot air balloon rides take you 700 feet above the ground. Obviously, you don't want this experience to be remembered for your falling camera. In order to keep your camera safe, it is best to use the camera's attached strap. When you don't have your camera in your hand, it's much easier to take a picture than when it's in your hand. All in all, having a camera strap enhances the experience to the greatest extent.

You Should Book Your Hot Air Balloon Ride in Advance

In fact, there are numerous advantages to scheduling your Cappadocia hot air balloon ride in advance. The booking gives you the option to schedule your ride for the morning of your first day of travel. Aside from this, you will not need to worry about a spot for your turn because you have already made a reservation. If you arrive half an hour early, you'll be able to ask for directions. Your ride may be rescheduled for a later date if the current conditions are unsuitable. Additionally, if the weather conditions are unsuitable for your entire trip, you will receive a full refund.

Be Prepared For Cold Weather

When flying in the sky, it is critical to be aware of the weather. During your balloon ride, you can expect to experience some cold weather. Visit during Turkey's shoulder seasons, if possible. For your hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia, it is highly recommended that you bring a hoodie or other warm clothing. Even if you're visiting this Turkish city in the height of summer, you can still enjoy a great ride. There are times when the sky is chilly, so it's a good idea to bring some extra clothing.

Follow the Instructions Carefully

The pilot and crew of a hot air balloon inform you of the necessary safety precautions when you arrive at the take-off area. The best course of action is to pay attention to and heed the directions given to you at all times. You'll learn everything you need to know about what to do and what not to do before your flight; especially as the balloon approaches the landing site. And just in case you're wondering, yes, the Cappadocia hot air balloon ride is safe. Hot air balloon pilots undergo rigorous training, so you needn't worry. In addition, they have all passed multiple flight and medical examinations and have logged hundreds of flight hours.

Book Your Hot Air Balloon Flight in Advance

In fact, there are numerous advantages to scheduling your Cappadocia hot air balloon ride in advance. The booking gives you the option to schedule your ride for the morning of your first day of travel. Aside from this, you will not need to worry about a spot for your turn because you have already made a reservation. If you arrive half an hour early, you'll be able to ask for directions. Your ride may be rescheduled for a later date if the current conditions are unsuitable. Additionally, if the weather conditions are unsuitable for your entire trip, you will receive a full refund.

Always Follow the Safety Precautions

Prior to boarding, a member of your pilot's crew will brief you on the necessary safety precautions. Any hot air balloon passenger should pay attention to the pilot's instructions, as they contain important details about what can and cannot be done while in the air. What rises must also descend thus when the hot air balloon is about to land, be sure to follow the instructions carefully.

Prepare for Colder Weather Conditions

Because your journey begins in the wee hours of the morning, the weather will be different from what you're used to in Turkey. That is to say, if you're visiting during the shoulder seasons, you should be prepared for some chilly temperatures on the flight. Therefore, it is strongly suggested that you bring a hoodie and a hat to keep you warm prior to and during the flight. There's nothing wrong with packing a few extra layers, even during the hottest months of the year in Cappadocia.

FAQ's of Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon

Why are balloons so popular in Cappadocia? 

One of the many reasons why hot air balloons are so popular in Cappadocia is because they can drop to very low altitudes and provide panoramic views of the entire region. Hot air ballooning is available in other locations, but you can't go too close to the ground because of the presence of wild animals therefore you'll be able to get up close and personal with the undulating scenery. At roughly 900 metres, you can see the entire area from a distance. Additionally, you can obtain a peek of the 'Fairy Chimney' rock formations.

What is the best time to visit Cappadocia hot air ballooning?

The early morning hours during April to November is the best time to visit Cappadocia hot air ballooning as weather conditions are the most favourable during these months. 

How to book a Hot air balloon in Cappadocia ?

You can book your Hot air balloon in Cappadocia tickets online from the comfort of your home and save the inconvenience of waiting in a long line. This will help you obtain many discounts as well as help you choose a time slot of your choice.

Can we book Hot air balloon cappadocia online?

Yes, you can book Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon online through official websites.

How to get to Cappadocia?

  • By Flight: Cappadocia can be found in Turkey's Cappadocia region. Flights to Turkey can be found from a wide range of countries. Kayseri and Nevşehir are the 2 major airports near Cappadocia. Central Anatolia is where you'll find Cappadocia. Numerous flights departing Istanbul are operated by Turkish Airlines.
  • By Train: High-speed train services are also available from Istanbul. Istanbul, Ankara, and Konya are all stops along the way to Cappadocia.
  • By Bus: There is a 10-hour bus ride from Istanbul to Athens. From Istanbul to Nevsehir Otogar, there are numerous bus operators to choose from. You can get to Cappadocia in less than an hour from there.

How to Dress for Hot air ballooning ?

You must wear flat, closed-toe shoes for Hot Air Ballooning in Cappadocia since once you're inside, you'll be able to scramble out with ease. Neither flip-flops nor stilettos are appropriate footwear for this event. Even during the hottest months of the year, bring a sweater, jacket, or other warm item to keep you warm. As you wait for the balloon to inflate, the weather in Cappadocia can be chilly, so bring a sweater.

What is the capacity of hot air ballooning in Cappadocia?

A Standard Hot Air Ballooning in Cappadocia flight lasts one hour, and each balloon can accommodate 16 to 24 passengers.

How High Up Do the Balloons Go?

A hot-air balloon can ascend as high as 3,000 feet.

What benefits can we get with booking a hot air balloon ride online?

Some of the benefits you get with an online booking of Cappadocia Hot air ballooning activity are get to buy the tickets at the lowest prices available, and will not have to pay any add-on fees or commissions; A further advantage of booking online is that if your original flight is cancelled due to bad weather and you are waitlisted for an alternative flight, if something goes wrong with your flight or booking, you do not have to deal with a third party to get it resolved; instead, you can speak directly with your operator on the spot to resolve the problem. In addition, you'll get a full refund for weather-related cancellations.


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