About Cappadocia Tour from Istanbul with Hot Air Balloon

One of the most extraordinary and enchanted things you can do in the world is take a Cappadocia tour from Istanbul with hot air balloon. This event occurs at sunrise, widely considered to be the most breathtaking time of the day. Amazing rock formations, "fairy chimneys," breathtaking valleys dotted with cave houses, churches, and chapels provide some of the most breathtaking scenery in all of Turkey. You'll get a full briefing on the tour and all the information you need for the hot air balloon ride from the seasoned crew who have been doing this for more than 30 years before your balloon ride. Upon liftoff, you will float peacefully above Cappadocia as the sun illuminates the region's picturesque valleys and rural farmlands in a kaleidoscope of vibrant hues. A one-hour of Cappadocia hot-air-balloon ride will provide breathtaking views, and you can even take photos to remember the experience forever. Your flight will be monitored the entire time by a ground crew, and you'll be in constant contact with them. And when you safely land your balloon, you'll raise a glass of champagne to the occasion. Besides, a personal certificate of completion of flight will also be presented to you right after your Cappadocia hot air balloon tour from Istanbul.

Istanbul Hot Air Balloon Tour to Cappadocia Variants

From Istanbul: Private Cappadocia 2-Day Tour
From Istanbul: Private Cappadocia 2-Day Tour

Fly to Cappadocia from Istanbul and spend just two days exploring the region's attractions, such as underground cities, fairy chimneys, and castles. On the first day you discover the rock-cut settlements, the Devrent Valley, and Roman graveyards before visiting Pasabag Valley. Later you head to Avanos Pottery workshops to craft clay pieces, and continue the rest of the journey to Göreme. The first day ends with a visit to the UNESCO world heritage site of Göreme Open Air Museum, and the Uchisar Castle. On the second day you visit the Gulludere Valley, the monasteries, and Pigeon Valley. You round up the second day visiting the Kaymaklı Underground City, and head back to your hotel.

Price Approximately ₹ 49,894 or 11288.09 ₺

Duration2 days

Cappadocia 2-Day Tour with Hot Air Balloon from Istanbul
Cappadocia 2-Day Tour with Hot Air Balloon from Istanbul

Fly to Cappadocia from your Istanbul hotel, and start your journey through Cappadocia by stopping by the old village of Cavusin, the viewpoint of Uçhisar Castle, and Göreme Open Air Museum. Witness the art of pottery demonstration while you lunch in Avanos. Visit the Carpet Factory, Urgup Fairy Chimneys as well as the Paşaba Fairy Chimneys and Devrent Valley (Magic Valley). After the first day, retire to a cozy boutique hotel for the night. Finally, take a Cappadocia tour from Istanbul with hot air balloon next morning, then spend the day exploring Derinkuyu Underground City, the Ihlara Valley, and Belisirma Village before stopping for lunch. The second day concludes with a trip to the Selime Monastery.

PriceApproximately ₹ 66,442 or 15029.58 ₺

Duration2 days

From Istanbul: 4-Day Trip to Istanbul & Cappadocia
From Istanbul: 4-Day Trip to Istanbul & Cappadocia

Get the most out of your time in Turkey by booking this comprehensive Cappadocia tour from Istanbul with hot air balloon. Visit Topkapi Palace, once home to Ottoman sultans and courtiers, and the Hagia Sophia, a Byzantine church with Islamic additions such as its minarets. Keep going until you reach the Hippodrome and its Egyptian obelisk made of granite. When you're done exploring, head to the Grand Bazaar before catching a domestic flight to Cappadocia. Check into a cave hotel as soon as you arrive in Cappadocia. Walk among the fairy chimneys on day two as you explore Cappadocia's Red River, Devrent Valley, and Pasabag as part of a full-day tour. At the end of your second day in Cappadocia, climb to the top of Uchisar Castle for breathtaking views. On day three, journey to the underground world of cities, the Red and Rose valley, and the Pigeon valley. Ortahisar, with its picturesque stone houses, is the perfect place to end your third day of sightseeing. On the fourth day, you will check out and be driven to the Kayseri Airport for your flight to Istanbul.

Price Approximately ₹ 41,162 or 9311.09 ₺

Duration4 days

From Istanbul: Cappadocia 2-Day Tour & Hot-Air Balloon Ride
From Istanbul: Cappadocia 2-Day Tour & Hot-Air Balloon Ride

Book a flight from Istanbul to Cappadocia and spend two days exploring the region. Relax in a charming inn, see the region's natural beauty and historical landmarks from the comfort of a hot air balloon. Discover the lunar landscape of Devrent Valley and the mushroom-shaped fairy chimneys of Pasabag (Monks Valley) on the first day of your trip. After that, you can check out the Avanos pottery demonstration and then visit the Goreme open air museum and the ancient Greek village of Cavusin. In the evening, before retiring for the night in Cappadocia, take in the breathtaking scenery from atop Uchisar castle. On the second day, take a Cappadocia tour from Istanbul with hot air balloon before exploring the Derinkuyu underground city, the Ihlara valley, and having a delicious lunch at a restaurant overlooking the Melendiz River.

Price Approximately ₹ 82,976 or 18738.20 ₺

Duration2 days

Cappadocia Tour From Istanbul with Hot air Balloon Ride Itinerary

Day 1 : Arrival
Day 1 : Arrival
  • Get picked up from the IST/SAW airport by our representative and taken to the hotel you specified in advance.
  • The day is yours to do as you please, whether that be checking out the local cafes, antique shops, and markets, or
  • Get back to your hotel in Istanbul and rest easy for the night.
Day 2 : Explore Old City
Day 2 : Explore Old City
  • Get up early, eat a filling breakfast, and then embark on a daylong exploration of the city.
  • Starting in the center of old Istanbul, the Hagia Sophia is a museum well-known for its mosaics.
  • Your next stop should be at the Blue Mosque, the sole imperial mosque to feature six minarets, and the stadium of ancient Byzantium, the Hippodrome.
  • Explore the old city's Grand Bazaar, which is home to 4,000 shops selling everything from carpets and kilims to silks, jewelry, ceramics, icons, and leather goods.
  • Visit the Topkapı Palace that was the residence of the Ottoman sultans from the 15th to the 19th century.
  • Finally, see the New Mosque, an Imperial Mosque and a major tourist attraction.
  • After an action-packed day in Istanbul, you can relax at your hotel for the night.
Day 3 : Bursa
Day 3 : Bursa
  • Get up early, eat a filling breakfast, and take a full-day tour from Istanbul to Bursa, which served as both the Ottoman Empire's previous capital.
  • Get off the ferry at Yenikapi, and you'll be taken to Yalova, where you'll catch a bus to Bursa.
  • If you find yourself in Bursa, be sure to check out the Grand Mosque, Ulu Cami, and the historic covered bazaar.
  • In case the weather permits, take a cable car ride and take in the enchanting scenery of Bursa.
  • Before making the long trek back, stop by the Green Mosque and Green Mausoleum.
  • After exploring Istanbul for the day, head back to your hotel for the night.
Day 4 : Cruise Tour
Day 4 : Cruise Tour
  • Get up early and have a hearty breakfast before checking out of the hotel.
  • After you have checked out, you will be taken on a fantastic cruise tour of Istanbul and then transferred to your hotel in Kayseri.
  • Take a cruise down the Bosphorus and observe the contrasting landscapes of Asia and Europe.
  • Look at the lavish mansions, villas, and high-rises that line the canal with awe.
  • Admire the Beylerbeyi Palace, which Sultan Abdulmecid erected on the site of a former wooden mansion, as you cross under the Bosphorus Bridge.
  • When the cruise is over, you'll be taken to IST/SAW Airport for your flight to Kayseri.
  • Get picked up at the airport by our representative and taken to your reserved hotel.
  • Finish up the registration process and settle in for the day.
  • Spend the night in Cappadocia.
Day 5 : Exploring South Cappadocia
Day 5 : Exploring South Cappadocia
  • Gather your strength for a full day of exploring South Cappadocia, beginning in the Red Valley and its famous rock-cut churches.
  • Hike the scenic Güllüdere (Rose) Valley before visiting avusin, a village renowned for its Christian clergy mansions and churches.
  • After you've finished lunch, head to Pigeon Valley, so called for the numerous dovecotes found there. See where early Christians lived by going to Kaymakli Underground City.
  • Hot air ballooning over Cappadocia is an optional, extra-cost activity while visiting Turkey.
  • Ride past the natural castles of Ortahisar on the way back to your hotel.
  • After making it to the hotel, you can relax for the night in Cappadocia.
Day 6 : Exploring North Cappadocia
Day 6 : Exploring North Cappadocia
  • Get up early, eat a hearty breakfast, and then get ready for a full day of exploring Cappadocia North.
  • Get in the car and head to Devrent Valley, where you can marvel at the fairy chimneys made from twisted tufa.
  • Gaze in awe at the desolate, lunar landscape before heading to Pasabag Monks Valley to examine the mushroom-shaped spires up close.
  • Lunch will be served in Avanos, which is located on the Kizilirmak (Red River).
  • After that, head to Goreme's open air museum to learn more about early Christian settlements and explore its rock-cut churches.
  • Visit Uchisar's natural rock castles before returning to your hotel for the night to continue exploring Cappadocia.
Day 7 : Departure
Day 7 : Departure
  • Get up, eat a hearty breakfast, and get ready to leave by packing your bags.
  • Finish the check-out procedures and prepare to depart for the airport in Kayseri in order to board a flight that will take you to Istanbul.
  • Get where you're going safely, and remember the trip fondly.

Know Before You Go For Cappadocia Tour

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Best Time to Visit

The months of September and October and the last few weeks of April are perfect for visiting Cappadocia. There is a low chance of precipitation and pleasant temperatures during these months. High winds during the first part of April often force the cancellation of the Cappadocia tour from Istanbul with hot air balloon.


How many days do you need for Istanbul and Cappadocia?

    Within 10 days, you can see the highlights of Istanbul, travel to the otherworldly landscape of Cappadocia, and tour the ancient Roman ruins at Ephesus and also take a magical Cappadocia hot air balloon tour from Istanbul.

What are the best things to do in Cappadocia?

How much does it cost to travel from Istanbul to Cappadocia?

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