Places to Visit in Cappadocia

Places to Visit in Cappadocia

Cappadocia is known for its incredible tourist attractions, such as its stunning natural landscapes dotted with fantastical fairy chimneys, its unique cave churches, cave houses, and pigeon coops, all of which make for postcard-perfect images. Cappadocia and its surrounding area are a natural wonder, with sights like the cave dwellings of Cavusin and the bustling pottery village of Avanos; as well as the pink painted ridges of Red Rose Valley and the naturally formed animal-like rocks at Devrent Valley are some of the places to visit in Cappadocia. Visits to Cappadocia's natural wonders are fascinating, but the region's many man-made attractions are just as fascinating. The world famous view of the cities in this area leave every tourist in awe of their incredible craftsmanship and the Cappadocia hot air balloon These subterranean metropolises run several feet below the surface and are fully equipped with everything a person would need to live comfortably for a few months. The Derinkuyu Underground City and the Kaymakli Underground City are the two most popular tourist attractions in Cappadocia discovered to this day. You can stop by Zelve Open Air Museum on your way back from touring Cappadocia if you need to do some last-minute souvenir shopping.

Goreme Open Air Museum

The Goreme Open-Air Museum is reminiscent of a massive monastic complex, with its dozens of refectory monasteries lined up next to one another, each with its own incredible church. Because of its central location and ease of access from all directions, this landmark is one of the top places to visit in Cappadocia. There you'll find some of the most impressive rock-cut churches, complete with stunning frescoes (wall paintings) whose colors look as vibrant today as they did when they were first painted. Unique examples of fresco art and rock-cut architecture are also on display. The Goreme Open Air Museum was one of the first two Turkish sites to be inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, which it has held since 1984.

Derinkuyu Underground City

Each and every tourist is captivated by the many fascinating tourist attractions in Cappadocia, and Derinkuyu Underground City is no exception. With a depth of 60 meters, Derinkuyu Underground City is Cappadocia's subterranean metropolis with the greatest depth. Wells, water tanks,niches for oil lamps, stores, chimneys for air circulation, and stables provide shelter for people and their cattle for months in this underground city connected by passages, tunnels, stepped pits, and corridors. What's more intriguing is that there are facilities to store bodies securely until a burial site can be located.

Pigeon Valley

The numerous dovecotes (Pigeon Houses) hewn by humans out of the pliable volcanic tuff gave Pigeon Valley its name. Pigeons have been domesticated and used for both their meat and their feces to improve the region's poor soil quality since ancient times. Even though pigeons no longer play a significant role in the area, locals have continued to maintain their rocky homes, which can be found on top of rock pillars, inside excavated cave houses, and inside of churches. A hot air balloon ride is a fantastic way to see Pigeon Valley. One of the best tourist attractions in Cappadocia to go hiking in is Pigeon Valley, situated between the towns of Goreme and Uchisar.

Uchisar Castle

The imposing Uçhisar Castle, perched atop a rock over 60 meters high, dominates the surrounding landscape. The main draw is the multi-story Uchisar Castle, which has rooms carved out of rocks and is connected by stairs and passageways, giving it a rustic appearance. It used to be a safe haven for locals when hostile armies were in the area because of its prime viewing perch. Those who are up for the short but steep climb will be treated to a breathtaking panorama; come here in the early evening to witness one of Cappadocia's renowned sunsets.

Ihlara Valley

As the Melendiz River winds its way through the gorge, it creates a dramatic scene. The most popular thing to do in the valley is to go on a nature walk through one of the four entry points and observe the flora and fauna along the Melendiz River. During your hike through the canyon, you will pass more than a hundred cave churches. Ihlara Valley is one of the must-see tourist attractions in Cappadocia for any visitor to Cappadocia because it is home to some of the region's best preserved cave dwellings (16 total), many of which feature exquisite paintings.

Kaymakli Underground City

Kaymakli Underground City, one of the best tourist attractions in Cappadocia, dates back to the 3rd millennium B.C., during the time of the Hittites and the Phrygians, and is the largest excavated city in the region. It is now a protected UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Kaymakli Underground City has seating areas, ground stones, stables, communal kitchens, churches, cellars, wineries, and storage rooms just like the other underground cities in the area. At its peak, this ancient inn housed at least 3,500 guests. Eight levels beneath the surface make up the underground city, but only four are currently accessible to the general public.

Devrent Valley

The valley, which is one of the most fascinating tourist attractions in Cappadocia, goes by a number of names, including Imaginary Valley and Pink Valley. The valley's lunar scenery is a major draw for vacationers. The strange, miniature fairy chimneys dotting the valley floor create an otherworldly scene reminiscent of the moon. Camels, seals, snakes, and dolphins are just some of the animals whose shapes can be seen in the rocks throughout the valley.

Zelve Open Air Museum

This Byzantine-era Zelve monastery consists of four churches, numerous rooms, passages, and fairy chimneys hewn from the rock and linked together by a tunnel. Not until 1967 did the monastic grounds of Zelve become a public museum. It's striking how unfinished and unadorned the churches here are as the museum now covers a wide area of 1.5 km and has many paths yet to be explored.


One of the places to visit in Cappadocia, Pasabag is famous for its surreal landscapes. Pasabag, which derives its name from the Greek for "Pasha's Vineyard," is indeed surrounded by vineyards. The mystical beauty of the area has earned the valley the name Valley of the Monks. Today, the mushroom-shaped fairy chimneys that dot the valley's landscape are the reason it's so well-known for photography. One of the three-headed fairy chimneys in Pasabag is home to a hermit's cave and a chapel honoring St. Simon.

Red Rose Valley

One of the most breathtaking places to visit in Cappadocia, Red Rose Valley is characterized by a series of jagged ridges that are bathed in a kaleidoscope of pink tones at sunset. There are a variety of ways to take in the breathtaking scenery of the Red Rose Valley, including a drive to the sunset viewpoint or a hike up and down the hills. The hiking experience is made easier thanks to the valley's facilities, such as the paid restrooms. The hilltop location, with its views of pink-tinged orchards, rock churches, and fairy chimneys, makes for a photogenic and humorous landscape.

Soganli Valley

Soganli Valley is one of the less-visited areas in the Cappadocia region, but it is well worth the trip thanks to its serene setting among bare rocks, cliffs, plateaus, and hidden cave churches. This area's rock churches were originally built in the 9th century and were used by the Byzantines as hiding places during the time of the Ottoman Empire. Because of the increase in visitors, some genuine local women now make "Soanl dolls" that you can buy as a memento.

Cappadocia Art & History Museum

The Cappadocia Art and History Museum, also known as the Bebek Museum, can be found in Mustafapaşa, a town about five kilometers from Ürgüp. The total number of handcrafted dolls is close to three thousand. The dolls in the Cappadocia Art and History Museum are unique because they have been touched by the history of many different cultures. A long journey through culture and history, as each doll represents a different time period and the progression of time.

FAQ's of Cappadocia

What are the best attractions to see in Cappadocia?

The Greme Open-air Museum is a breathtaking collection of churches, monasteries, and chapels, and is a must-see if you're looking for a popular tourist destination in Cappadocia. Among the two hundred underground cities in Cappadocia that are open to the public, Kaymakli Underground City is another top attraction. However, Red Rose Valley and Love Valley are the places to visit in Cappadocia if you want a beautiful, romantic getaway.

What is Cappadocia best known for?

Cappadocia is a special historical area best known for its remarkable rock formations and diminished volcanic rock tuff landscape, which were formed millions of years ago as a result of lava sputtering volcanoes eroded over time by wind and water. Cappadocia is well-known for its breathtaking cave dwellings as much as it is for its early morning hot-air balloon rides.

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What is the best time to visit Cappadocia?

The months of September through October and April through May are ideal for visiting places to visit in Cappadocia because of the pleasant temperatures and abundance of wildflowers.

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How to reach Cappadocia?

By air: If you're flying in, you'll be happy to know that Cappadocia is approximately an hour's drive from the Kayseri Erkilet Airport. The airport is also served by airlines like Borajet, Pegasus Airlines, AtlasGlobal, Corendon Airlines, SunExpress, and Onur Air.

By bus: Cappadocia can be reached by bus from major Turkish cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Konya, Canakkale, and Antalya. In total, the bus ride to Cappadocia from Istanbul takes around 12 hours, while it takes only 5 hours from Ankara, 12 hours from Izmir, and 9 hours from Antalya.

What currency is used in Cappadocia?

The Turkish lira is the country's official currency and is accepted throughout Turkey, including Cappadocia.


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